Homebuyer Program

If your ready to buy a home – we can help! Our exclusive Homebuyer Program lets you out of your current lease at no cost.

T.R. McKenzie Homebuyer Program

T.R. McKenzie’s Homebuyer Program was created when we saw the struggle many residents faced when wanting to buy a home: being stuck in a lease and wasting thousands in rent.

We knew there had to be a better way.

The Homebuyer Program is an exclusive program we offer to our residents looking to purchase a home in the Dane County area. Here’s how it works:

Contact us to get matched with one of our in-house, local Realtors®.
When you close on your home, you’ll be released from your lease on the last day of that month.
In almost all real estate transactions, the seller pays the Buyer’s Agent fee, costing you nothing!

To qualify, you must be a resident at any T.R. McKenzie property for at least six months (with good payment history), and the purchase price of your home must be $150,000 or greater. As a full-service real estate brokerage, our Realtors® work with the entire MLS catalog, not just other T.R. McKenzie listings. We can help you find your dream home regardless of who is listing it.

It’s important to note that if you plan to participate in the Homebuyer Program, you should not start physically looking at homes or calling list agents without meeting with our team first. Looking at homes without a T.R. McKenzie agent may prohibit us from collecting a commission from the seller, in which case you as the buyer would be responsible for the commission. We also recommend getting pre-approved with a lender prior to viewing homes, so that you can not only learn what your budget is, but better understand your lending options before starting the home search.

We care about supporting our residents at all phases of life; let us simplify the process and help you get into your dream home.

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